Isolation:Day 6 of 365…

I was that person who’d be quick to talk bad about someone for posting all of their “business” on social media.

“Why would anybody do that?” I’d ask.

But I understnow more than ever: because you feel you have no one else to talk to.

Because when you do talk about your feelings their invalidated.

Because people talk at, to, or over you and you don’t get to express yourself.

Because you’re afraid of “I told you so”.

Because it makes you feel better.

Because it works.

Since I’ve put my “business” on social media, I’ve gotten the most sincere listening ears and encouraging words and I’ve learned that I’m not crazy and not alone in my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve gotten release and some relief even.

So thank you friends and family who’ve reached out to me and prayed for me PR whatever else. I sincerely appreciate knowing I’m not alone.


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