Value: Day 5 of 365…

“Put that baby down, now fo’ you spoil ha good’n rotten

A spoiled baby’s no good when mama’s pickin’ cotton.

Don’t hold dat baby I say, you’ll spoil ha good’n rotten

Titty baby, go away yo mama’s got ta pick cotton.”



I love my kids…and I’m not ready to leave them with other people while I work. I love teaching them and holding them and kissing them and seeing them grow.  But apparently taking care of them and making them thrive is not enough.

Apparently It’s not a real contribution to my household and it’s not a high enough aspiration for me personally.

I just want a break sometimes… Like with every other job and I don’t want to be made to feel guilty when I take it.

I guess I enjoy the work I already do, I just wish it was valued.

…But I guess picking cotten is more important sooo…let me get my sac…


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