My Second HomeBirth

If you follow my blog then you probably already know that I had my first home birth in February of 2015.  So…without being too long-winded, I’ll share my the highlights of that experience and share what I took away from it.  My hope is that it encourages, inspires, and educates.

Unlike my first home birth, which lasted 5 days,  this one one started at about 11 am on Friday, May 20 and was over 2:50 am on Saturday, May 21.  Here are the highlights:

  • I predicted the day of my labor.  The due date was May 23 but for some reason my ears heard May 21.
  • I had the support of a beautiful group of women:  we fellowshipped with food, laughter, exchange of gifts, and massages during early labor and once things picked up everyone–and their spouses pitched in to help rearrange the room, fill the pool with water (even though I didn’t use it), and to help clean up afterwards.
  • I swear my doula was made just for me.  She ensured that everything we talked about before labor was done, massaged me dring labor, and took these beautiful pictures.  I didn’t have to ask or request a single thing–she just did it and I was able to focus on labor.
  • My first born was safely tucked away with a family I trusted so I didn’t have to worry about that.
  • My midwife let me labor on my own.  She didn’t rush me, check me, stand over me–none of that.  I was allowed to take more control of this labor without stress and it happened as God intended.
  • I breathed, moaned, and swayed my hips through contractions.


  • My husband was just all around awesome.  He filled in every gap and at the end he broke my water by applying pressure to my back and my pelvis.
  • Jeremiah Moses Brown (AKA Big Jolly, AKA Chunky Fat) emerged.

That’s pretty much how it went.  There are few words for this birth because it was honestly one of those things you just had to see, but it was absolutely amazing and absolutely beautiful.  I’m always up for answering questions I didn’t think to address so ask away!